Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Disagreeing drs

so I neglected my blog because of mania and because I had 2 very important dr appointments this week. One of which was today and the dr says physically I cannot work for a year because of my abdominal issues. Which is cool I can deal with that. Yesterday though I had my mental exam lol...That was fun. I thought every thing was fine and I did well... I guessed wrong lol. At the end of the session I was told I was nuttier than a fruit and he did not feel comfortable letting me go back to work for an indefinite amount of time. Which does bother me but I will deal. LOL that old bastard actually said I was nuttier than a fruit cake. I guess I take after my grandmother God rest her soul. I do know I have alot of mental health issues I will return to somewhat stable position at one point. I promise to write again soon. Oh Brandy if you read this Jill wants to know if you and Russ are coming saturday, her and J.R. both would like to see you, I would too, I want to thank you in person. Love ya
Paul Michael Forester

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  1. Michael,
    We will come, but it will only be for a short amount of time, we made plans forever ago to go to a costume party in newark...Is anyone dressing up for the party?? Just need to know if I can come in costume or not!! LOL
    Love ya bunches!
    (p.s. are you getting my comments???)